Verri Giorgia

Via Augusto Imperatore 16, I-73100, Lecce, Italy

+39 0832 671037 (int. 237)

Giorgia Verri holds a M.Sc. Degree in Physics at the University of Salento, obtained in 2009. She holds a II level Master in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies, obtained in 2011 at La Sapienza University.
In 2016 she got a Ph.D. in Environmental Science focused on Predictability studies for Regions of freshwater influence.
As previous working experiences, she developed an integrated modeling system for wind energy forecasting at Enel Engineering and Innovation Division and she contributed to the development of an Operational System for wind energy and solar energy prediction at GSE SpA.
Since 2012 she has been employed at CMCC, where in the framework of TESSA (Development of Technology for the “Situational Sea Awareness”) and IONIO (IONian Integrated marine Observatory) projects, she worked on the implementation and development of a regional ocean model for the Adriatic and Ionian Sea based on NEMO code.
She spent 6 months as visitor at National Centre for Atmospheric Research, Boulder Colorado.
The current research activity is focused on (a) regional ocean modeling, (b) integrated modeling approach for representing the local water cycle of catchments including atmosphere, hydrology and ocean (c) estuarine dynamics.


  • A box model to represent estuarine dynamics in mesoscale resolution ocean models
  • Challenges for Sustained Observing and Forecasting Systems in the Mediterranean Sea
  • River runoff influences on the Central Mediterranean overturning circulation

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