RURAL – RedUcing distance between Research and AgriculturaL enterprises

The project aims at the development of a tool for sharing and cooperation that can encourage farmers to work together for a more effective and synergistic achievement of environmental and climate objectives in the Campania region.

18 months from 27/09/2018 to 20/03/2020

Coordinating organization
  • CMCC - Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici

CMCC Scientific Leader
CMCC Project manager

General aims

The project aims to protect and enhance ecosystems related to agriculture, encouraging the implementation of sustainable and organic farming practices, increasing carbon sinks and soil and biodiversity protection.


  • PSR 2014-2020 Regione Campania


Cross-cutting role in all activities + General management of the project.

Expected results

The tool that will be developed is represented by a web platform for the sharing and dissemination of knowledge and the creation of synergies for the development of local strategies aimed at reducing the obstacles and difficulties currently detected in accessing funding, in order to stimulate organic and sustainable agricultural practices to achieve environmental and climate objectives in the regional context.


The activities of the project aim to develop a sharing platform designed to overcome the main critical issues identified in the regional territory and which currently limit the development and diffusion of organic and sustainable agricultural practices. In particular, the platform will be developed on the web and hosted within a web portal and will consist of the following tools:

  • Interactive contents that allow in an intuitive and simplified way to increase the awareness of the actors of the regional agricultural sector about the major environmental and climatic problems that the regional agricultural production faces and all the possible opportunities connected to the solution, with particular reference to innovative solutions related to organic and sustainable agriculture;
  • Creation of a blog that allows direct exchange between potential partners for proposals;
  • Plenary and direct meetings (through workshops, lectures, courses, etc …) between actors of the research and agro-forestry business in order to develop products that meet the needs and at the current level of knowledge of the actors involved;
  • Development of a web-survey aiming at addressing the types of proposals that best suit to issues of interest.

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