Coalitions and Networks. 12 papers from 20 years of CTN workshops



Carraro C. (ed.) (2015), Coalitions and Networks. 12 papers from 20 years of CTN workshops, FEEM Press, Milan.

Twenty years. Twelve papers. Eight high-level scientific and academic institutions, whose aim is the advancement and dissemination of research in the area of network and coalition theory. A book which is a tribute to the wide array of useful and interesting applications of the theory of coalitions and networks, partly underutilized by applied economists. In the preface of the volume “Coalitions and Networks. 12 papers from 20 years of CTN workshops”, Carlo Carraro (FEEM, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, and CMCC) celebrates the activities of an association that started in 1995 and, since then, has progressively become a reference point for the study of network and coalition formation and their applications. “Network theory aims to provide a unified framework for analysing the relation between agents’ position in the network and their actions and welfare” – Prof. Carraro explains in his presentation of  this selection of papers, a beautiful dozen that outlines the ideas and the vision at the origin of the network. A collection that highlights the research topics that drove the interest on coalitions first and on networks then.

The article on Climate Science & Policy magazine “Coalition and Networks: a beautiful dozen”: read the original version of the preface of the open-access book “Coalitions and Networks. 12 papers from 20 years of CTN workshops” C. Carraro (ed.), FEEM Press, 2015
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The Coalition Theory Network (CTN) 
is an association of eight high-level scientific and academic institutions whose aim is the advancement and diffusion of research in the area of network theory and coalition formation. The history of CTN began in 1995, when FEEM joined CORE – University of Louvain la Neuve in organizing a workshop on coalition formation and environmental games, with focus on the analysis of the process of international climate negotiations. The success of the workshop induced the organizers to widen the focus of the following meetings to the burgeoning applications of coalition and network theory, and to undertake the formal creation of CTN. The yearly meetings have continued for 20 years, hosted in turn by the partner institutions.
This volume represents a tribute to research developed by the Coalition Theory Network and presented at the CTN annual workshops, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its foundation.
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