Il clima che cambia. Non solo un problema ambientale



Carraro C. and Mazzai A. (2015), Il clima che cambia. Non solo un problema ambientale, Il Mulino, Bologna.

The global average temperature has been constantly rising over the last 100 years. More and more frequently environmental disasters have hit various regions around the globe, drastically affecting the lives of millions of people. Climate change is probably one of the most pressing and imminent economic problems the world is facing right now, more urgent even than international financial crises or mass unemployment. Will we be able to stop this trend? And how? The authors of this book agree that climate change and its consequences can only be countered through sustainable development.

A substantial and up-to-date publication deals with the origins and consequences of climate change and offers appropriate solutions for one of the most urgent environmental and economic issues of our time.

The book, available in Italian language, contains several charts, figures and infographics which make its contents easily accessible, even to non-experts.

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