Water, Food and Land Use

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Soil erosion: addressing the hazard through Copernicus data and tools

There is potential for loss of soil due to intense rainfall events and land management in both forests and agricultural

A quarter of global harvests at risk if agriculture does not adapt to climate change

If the agricultural sector fails to adapt better to climate change, food production is set to fall – 10% by

No good decisions without good data: climate, policymaking, and the critical role of science

GHG inventories represent essential links between science and policy-making, providing fundamental data to inform domestic and global actions on climate

Wildfire monitoring and prevention: science, innovation and cross-border cooperation towards informed decisions for firefighting

Innovative wireless sensors networks, weather stations, HD video cameras, drones, a Wildfire Control Room at Puglia Civil Protection for fire


IPCC Infographics


Plant phenology evaluation of CRESCENDO land surface models – Part 1: Start and end of the growing season

CSP - Climate Simulation and Prediction Division.

Challenges and opportunities for enhancing food security and greenhouse gas mitigation in smallholder farming in sub-Saharan Africa. A review

IAFES - Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services.

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