Water, Food and Land Use

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Palm oil’s implications on the Sustainable Development Goals

The production of the most widely used and most criticised vegetable oil for its environmental impacts analysed in a study

The global map of aridity

Aridity conditions have now been mapped for the whole globe with a very high spatial resolution. This is a knowledge

Drought: clear impacts on global agricultural production

The effects of drought on major crops that are crucial to achieve both food and energy security, at the center

Global climate and environmental data sources to be made more accessible to citizens towards 2025

A new platform which will make access and use of earth observation (EO) data easier for environmental, government, and even


IPCC Infographics


Climate-sensitive hydrological drought insurance for irrigated agriculture under deep uncertainty. Insightful results from the Cega River Basin in Spain

ECIP – Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy Division, RAAS - Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies.

Barriers and enablers for upscaling coastal restoration

RAAS - Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies.

Biological N fixation activity in soybean can be estimated based on nodule dry weight and is increased by additional inoculation

IAFES - Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services.

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