Climate prediction research for operations and services

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Watch the video of the CMCC-EUCP Climateurope webinar held by Prof. F. Doblas-Reyes and download the webinar presentations.

Climate prediction is one source of climate information for time scales ranging from three weeks to ten years into the future. Process-based global models initialized with the best initial conditions are the main tools used to generate climate information at those time scales. However, the process that takes a global climate forecast and converts it into action-oriented information includes many more stages that go from the understanding of the relevant climate processes, the evaluation of the forecast system, the merge with additional sources of information (both simulations from other global forecast systems, empirical forecasts and observations), and the downscaling of the information whenever required, among others. On top of this, only an appropriate user-engagement process guarantees that the information can be displayed in a form that is suitable to be employed in real-life decision making.

These issues have been addressed in the webinar “Climate prediction research for operations and services”, held by Prof. Francisco Doblas-Reyes (Department of Earth Sciences – BCS – CNS) focusing on how current research can and should be transferred to operational and services environments while, at the same time, climate prediction research can substantially benefit from a close interaction with operations and services.

Watch the video:

Presenter: Francisco Doblas-Reyes, ICREA Research Professor and director of the Earth Sciences Department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center

ModeratorJaroslav Mysiak, Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change Foundation (CMCC), Director of Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies (RAAS) Division

Download webinar presentations:

EUCP short intro (pdf).

EUCP-CMCC webinar (pdf).

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