How to promote climate resilience in urban areas?

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The report “Nature-based solutions to promote climate resilience in urban areas – developing an impact evaluation framework” has been recently released by EKLIPSE, the EU funded project focused on biodiversity and ecosystem services, and is now available online HERE.

Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) are solutions to societal challenges that are inspired and supported by nature, which are cost‐effective, provide simultaneous environmental, social and economic benefits, and help build resilience. Such solutions bring more, and more diverse, nature and natural features and processes into cities, landscapes and seascapes, through locally adapted, resource‐efficient and systemic interventions and thus they simultaneously provide benefits for biodiversity and human well‐being.

The European Commission DG Research and Innovation requested the EKLIPSE project to help building up an evidence and knowledge base on the benefits and challenges of applying NBS, and this report is the outcome of such request aiming at developing an assessment framework to evaluate the multiple benefits, disservices, trade-offs and synergies of NBS. 
The main purpose of the request is to apply this framework to H2020-funded NBS demonstration projects for increasing urban resilience to climate change.

More in detail, the report has been prepared by the EKLIPSE Expert Working Group on Nature-based Solutions to Promote Climate Resilience in Urban Areas (among the experts, the CMCC Foundation researcher Margaretha Breil of ECIP Division). These experts covered a broad range of expertise (natural and social sciences, practitioners, planners and architects) and geographical representation.

Download the full report.

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