IPCC Working Group III authors meet in Scotland

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Source: IPCC press release

Experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will meet in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, on 1-5 April 2019 to launch their work on the Working Group III contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report.

More than 180 authors from more than 65 countries will come together for one week to start preparing a first draft of the report, which is due to be finalized in July 2021.
Among the authors, four of them are Italian, that is:

  • Massimo Tavoni – RFF-CMCC EIEE Director and Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano
  • Valentina Bosetti – Professor at Bocconi University and RFF-CMCC EIEE Senior Scientist.
  • Domenico Marzio – University of Milan
  • Elena Verdolini – Assistant Professor at University of Brescia and RFF-CMCC EIEE Senior Scientist

Watch the videos of CMCC authors involved in the assessment:

IPCC Working Group III is responsible for assessing the mitigation of climate change – responses and solutions to the threat of dangerous climate change by reducing emissions, and enhancing sinks, of the greenhouse gases that are responsible for global warming.

For the first time, Working Group III will examine topics such as the link between consumption and behaviour and greenhouse gas emissions, and the role of innovation and technology. The report will assess the connection between short-medium actions and their compatibility with the long-term temperature goal in the Paris Agreement. It will assess mitigation options in sectors such as energy, agriculture, forestry and land use, buildings, transport and industry.

“This report will provide governments with scientific information to underpin responses to climate change in the context of sustainable development,” said Priyadarshi R. Shukla, the Co-Chair of Working Group III from India.

“Our ambition is to equip governments with the information they need to act now, keeping in mind the goals of the Paris Agreement and national ambitions to achieve net zero emissions,” said Jim Skea, the Co-Chair of Working Group III from Scotland/UK.

The agreed outline of the report can be found on the IPCC website HERE (pdf).

The list of authors of the report can be found on the IPCC website HERE. 

Each of the three IPCC Working Groups will release their contributions to the Sixth Assessment Report in 2021. A Synthesis Report in 2022 will integrate them together with the three special reports that the IPCC is producing in the current assessment cycle.

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