Live from the Ocean Lab, on “Sapere” magazine

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The CMCC’s Ocean Lab, based in Lecce, is on the October issue of “Sapere” magazine.

Ship routing and safety (SRS) Decision Support System to optimize ship routes and promote safe navigation, Search and Rescue (SAR) Decision Support System to acquire information about currents, waves, atmospheric conditions and the trajectories of objects on the sea surface under influence of wind and surface currents, Decision Support System (DSS) for Pollution Hazard Mapping (PHM), based upon the environmental information produced by the observational and modelling components, etc: CMCC researchers Giovanni Coppini, Stefania Angela Ciliberti, Rita Lecci, Gianandrea Mannarini, Elena Shchekinova and their collegues tell the research in the field of operational oceanography carried on at the Ocean Lab in Lecce.

Download the full article in pdf format (in Italian).

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