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Focused, enthusiastic and a natural-born science lover. Let’s get to know one of CMCC’s newest entries: Denitsa Angelova, researcher within the Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy (ECIP) division at CMCC.

Interview by Ottavia Carlon

What is your job at the CMCC Foundation?
At the CMCC I work within the Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy (ECIP) division and my main task is to quantify climate change risk at sovereign level. My team is composed of economists and mathematicians, and we are currently developing the methodological framework to a climate risk index that will allow us to provide risk estimates for a wide range of climate change and socio-economic scenarios.

What led you to the CMCC?
I was led to the CMCC by my interest in statistics and my fascination for climate change issues. I was also aware of the excellent research work produced here, so when the opportunity to apply emerged, I took it right away. 

Is your current job the one you had dreamt of when you were a child?
Broadly, this is the job I dreamt of. Before this, I wanted to be a surgeon or an engineer… Both my parents are scientists, so maybe they also contributed to my professional inclination. The job I perform at the CMCC combines my scientific inclinations and my interest in climate change issues. In a nutshell, I can say I am a happy woman: I do what I love.

Would you like to share an important moment in your professional life at the CMCC?
I haven’t been here for long (I started on September 15, 2020), so I expect that the revelations with regards to research will come later, but on a human level I can say I was pleasantly surprised by how competent, dedicated and friendly my colleagues are.

Do you have a typical workday ritual?
I like to structure my workday as much as possible. I always kick off the day with a cup of coffee while reading the e-mails that accumulated overnight. I believe that structure does allow me to be more productive, especially in this particular moment. Indeed, when you are at the office you have some kind of Pavlovian bell that keeps you more focused, while nowadays due to forced smart-working we are mixing work and leisure environments: in this situation, I believe strict organization is even more important.

How do you travel to work?
I use public transportation.

What do you do in your spare time?
I do sports, mostly freeletics, which is a training in which you use your own bodyweight only. This helps me stay healthy and focused. I also appreciate art in all its forms. In addition, I enjoy reading scientific articles that are not connected to my line of research, especially on natural sciences. I perceive their content as disconnected from what I research on, so I do not find it tiring.

Do you prefer cinema or literature?
I like both, and also going to the theatre: I miss not being able to do it now due to COVID-19! My favourite book is Anna Karenina by Tolstoj, but I also love the work of Dostoevskij and Umberto Eco.

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