The ‘European Extreme Events Climate Index’, an innovative tool for identifying areas affected by extreme weather events.

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It is the result of applied research for weather-induced hazard assessment and management, developed by IFAB – International Foundation Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Human Development, together with CMCC – Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change and Leithà (Unipol Group).

Science, research, and the digital world work together to take concrete steps against extreme weather events. The possibility to understand which areas are most at risk by studying repeated series, measuring the damage of such events, and identifying the future ones. The chance giving institutions and local authorities information to make decisions in the fight against climate change, with practical consequences also on the private sector, and benefits for citizens and consumers.

These goals are possible thanks to the European Extreme Events Climate Index (E3CI), the first index developed in Europe to monitor and manage the impact of extreme weather events. It is the first project of the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Human Development (IFAB) Foundation, the result of a cooperation between the CMCC Foundation – Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change and Leithà, a company of the Unipol Group.

The Index provides support for identifying the areas affected by extreme events and a measure of the severity of such events, constituting valuable support primarily for the worlds of finance, insurance, and reinsurance. It can also be used by policymakers for choices related to the reduction of weather-induced risks and to spread awareness on climate change adaptation.

Data that will be made publicly available, free of charge: the Index will be available on a specific section of the IFAB website – – and on the Dataclime platform, where raw data can be downloaded directly.

E3CI will be presented online on January 21, at 4 pm CET at the live-streaming webinar “Advanced Science and Innovation for Resilient Societies”. Registrations are open at the following link:



16:00 (CET)


IFAB – International Foundation Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Human Development

Patrizio Bianchi – IFAB Scientific Director
Paola Salomoni –
 Emilia-Romagna Regional Minister
Antonio Zoccoli – Big Data Association Vice-president
Matteo Laterza – UnipolSai General Manager


E3CI: European Extreme Events Climate Index

Presentation of the Index measuring the severity of extreme weather events
Chiara Cagnazzo – Copernicus Climate Change Service, C3S
Antonio Tirri – 
Leithà | Unipol Group
Guido Rianna – CMCC



Florence Rabier – ECMWF Director-General

Antonio Navarra – CMCC President

Renzo Giovanni Avesani – Unipol Group, IFAB BoD member


Open Q&A session


Paola Mercogliano, CMCC



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