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She writes and studies on real paper, would like to travel the world on foot, is passionate about traditional dances from around the world and has challenged herself professionally in one of the frontiers of oceanography.
Let’s get to know Anna Chiara Goglio, researcher in the Ocean Modeling and Data Assimilation (ODA) division at the CMCC.

Interview by Selvaggia Santin

What’s your job at the CMCC Foundation?
I joined the Ocean Modeling and Data Assimilation division one year ago. Since then my research focus has been the modeling of tides in the Mediterranean Sea. When I started, I was new to the field of oceanography. However, since my biggest passion in life is taking on new challenges, I took the opportunity to get in touch with this fascinating field.

What led you to the CMCC?
I undertook a Master’s degree in Theoretical Physics and then I switched to a more operational employment at the Regional Center of Environmental Modeling (ARPA FVG). I think the desire to return to research led me to the CMCC.

Is your current job the one you dreamed of when you were a kid?
What I can say is that, since I am a curious person, I always dreamed of a job in which every day was different and, I think, I have found that! Furthermore, Ocean Modeling represents what I usually call “my third element job”. This is because I started my career as a modeler dealing with volcanoes at INGV, this was the fire (my first element); then I joined the Meteorological and Air Quality Forecasts group at ARPA FVG, this was the air (my second element); and now it’s water (the third element)!

Could you tell us the most important moment in your career life at CMCC?
I’ve always had the fortune of interacting with qualified colleagues and supervisors. At the CMCC I also discovered the feeling of being part of a group. The most important moments, in my opinion, are the many occasions for learning different expertise from qualified and enthusiastic researchers and their discussions.

What’s on your workstation?
There is always a hot infusion and fruit! But also, a lot of paper and colored pencils: I still need to underline words on a real sheet of paper to study and remember things.

How do you travel to work?
On foot. I love walking: you gain a different perspective on things when you look at them as you walk. I would travel the world on foot if I could, especially in the mountains!

What do you do in your spare time?
I have a lot of hobbies but the one that sums up all my interests is practicing traditional dances from around the world. This activity brings together my interest for travelling, sport, minority cultures and the pleasure of meeting new people with different backgrounds…

Cinema or literature?
Hard to say! Right now, I would say cinema: I am currently more interested in non-verbal languages (linked to my passion for dancing) but sometimes I also like to let my imagination run free taking inspiration from a good book.

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