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Interview by Laura Caciagli

Cheerful and ironic, Giulia Galluccio is head of the CMCC Fund Raising Office. Walking in the mountains, cocktails, mystery books and the search for a sustainable life. Get to know her better!

What’s your job at the CMCC Foundation?
I am head of the CMCC Fund Raising office. In particular, this office deals with the search for funding opportunities for all CMCC researchers. We look for EU, national and international grants while facilitating research proposal preparation.

What brought you to CMCC?
A very direct route, because I am so young! (she laughs, ed.). I have a background in Business Administration, but immediately deviated from my planned direction to focus on environmental issues, dealing with the social and environmental responsibility of businesses. Then, the jump: I started to deal with the Kyoto protocol and then with climate change issues. After some years in the climate change consultancy sector, I arrived at CMCC.

Is your current job the one you used to dream of as a child?
When I was a child, I wanted to be a scientist… so let’s say that, over the years, I got close… to scientists!

Tell us about a special moment during your time at CMCC
The best moments are when a proposal gets financed or when a project in which I’m directly involved has a positive result, but also every time I realize that I work in a very friendly, positive and collaborative work environment.

What do you keep at your workstation?
You can find everything on my desk! But above all papers, papers and papers. I have no personal items on my desk, and I am not particularly interested in adorning and decorating it…except for some pictures!

What ritual is never missing from your workday?
No routine, I am not a very constant or steady person. My mum wanted to call me “Costanza”, luckily she didn’t!

How do you travel to work?
I am very lucky, since we have moved to the new offices, I go to work by foot. I have finally achieved full sustainability!

What do you do in your spare time?
I walk: walking is perhaps one of my favourite activities. I live in Milan, so I often go to the mountains for the weekend. And obviously, as every good Milanese person, I love to end the day with a proper cocktail.

Movies or literature: give me a title and explain your choice
I really love mystery and adventure books. I recently read and liked a book by Paolo Rumiz called “La leggenda dei monti naviganti”. A journey on foot through the Alps and the Apennines, exciting, engaging and masterfully told. Although, come to think about it this is neither a mystery nor an adventure book! ?

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