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The Rush To Air Conditioning In Europe Pushed By Urbanization And Climate Change

A new study published in Environmental Science and Policy shows that without adequate and focused policies, many households will rely

Asset prices and climate policy

The RFF-CMCC – EIEE webinar held by Armon Rezai, Institute for Ecological Economics, Vienne University of Economics and Business. Watch

Green technology and eco-efficient firms as an opportunity to promote financial de-risking

Core engines of innovation, growth, job creation and social cohesion in high-income and emerging economies, as well as low-income developing

Bridging the gap: do fossil technologies facilitate renewable energy diffusion?

How can modern fossil power generation support renewable energy investments? A new study on Energy Policy shows that higher gas-fired


Comparing national greenhouse gas budgets reported in UNFCCC inventories against atmospheric inversions

IAFES - Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services.

Evaluating the impact of technological renovation and competition on energy consumption in the workplace

SEME – Sustainable Earth Modelling Economics.

How COVID-19 Affected GHG Emissions of Ferries in Europe

OPA - Ocean Predictions and Applications.

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