Mercogliano Paola

via Thomas Alva Edison s.n.c. - 81100 Caserta (CE), Italy

Dr. Paola Mercogliano is a senior researcher with more than 12 years of research experience. 
She works at CMCC as head of the REgional Model and geo-Hydrological Impacts Division and at C.I.R.A. (Italian Aerospace Research Centre) as Head of research laboratory “Meteo System & Instrumentation Laboratory”.
Her main areas of competence include development and use of statistical and dynamical methods and tools for regionalization of the climatic signal up to urban areas, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the variation of landslide, flood and hydrological drought hazards induced by climate change, development of GIS tools for post processing and visualization of observed and simulated atmospherical data.
She leads a research group (12-14 staff members) working on development of tools for observation and nowcasting of weather hazards event using multi-sensor satellite and multi-platform in- situ observations, development and optimization of limited area NWP model, regional climate models,  Stability Analyses, Hydrologic & Hydraulic models. Furthermore the research group is expert in the development of numerical simulation chains, including climate and impact models, for the quantitative evaluation of the climate change soil impact.
Paola participated in several European and other international projects. Among these projects there is the FP7 INTACT. Here, she coordinates the work package on weather extreme and climate changes. In the past she had the responsibility of the work package on short-term weather forecasting for shallow landslide prediction in the FP7 SafeLand and participated to the FP7 projects CLUVA, IS-ENES, ALICIA.
More recently, she has been collaborating as expert climatologist for the DRR Republic of Mauritius project and for the European Commission-DG Environment funded EU FOREST project, concerning the study of the influences on weather patterns of European forests.
Actually she is involved in the activities (technical and managerial issues) of the projects PERSEUS, NEXTDATA and ORIENTGATE.
Paola holds a Master degree in Physics from the University of Naples “Federico II” and a Master in Computational Fluid Dynamics For Industrial Application And University Research at the Research Centre for advanced studies of Sardinia (C.R.S.4).
After that she has been weather forecaster and analyst of COSMO model in A.R.P.A. Piedmont for about 2 years, she won a 1 year fellowship at the Earth Simulator Centre (E.S.C.) in Yokohama (Japan) in the meteorological group.
She is member from 2003 of the European consortium COSMO (Consortium for Small-scale Modelling), aimed to the development of the operational limited area model COSMO LM and from 2008 of the CLM Assembly for the development of the regional climate model COSMO-CLM. Paola was also member of the Organizing committee for the International CLM General Assembly 2011. She speaks fluently English and is a native Italian speaker.


  • Behaviour of energy piles under climate-change scenarios: a case study in Southern Italy
  • Modellazione delle piene urbane in un contesto di cambiamento climatico: il caso studio di Napoli
  • Social inequalities in heat-attributable mortality in the city of Turin, northwest of Italy: a time series analysis from 1982 to 2018
  • Evaluation and Expected Changes of Summer Precipitation at Convection Permitting Scale with COSMO-CLM over Alpine Space
  • Performance Evaluation of High-Resolution Simulations with COSMO over South Italy
  • The ARGO Project: Assessing NA-TECH risks on offshore oil platforms
  • Urban morphology parameterization for assessing the effects of housing blocks layouts on air temperature in the Euro-Mediterranean context
  • Regional climate downscaling over Europe: perspectives from the EURO-CORDEX community
  • Assessing Future Variations in Landslide Occurrence Due to Climate Changes: Insights from an Italian Test Case
  • High-resolution simulations with COSMO model including TERRA_URB TERRA_URB parameterization for the representation of Urban Heat Islands over South Italy

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