MITIGO – Mitigation of natural risks to ensure safety and mobility in mountain areas of Southern Italy

The project intends identifying solutions for the mitigation of geo-hydrological and seismic risks preventing damages for road and facilities in mountain areas affected by landslides and earthquakes, lack of services, limited transports and depopulation. By exploiting an interdisciplinary approach and through a well-balanced partnership including research institutions, companies and public administrations, risk assessment will be extensively carried out and mitigation measures will be designed and implemented.

The case study is represented by an inland area in Basilicata Region, between the cities of Potenza and Matera and between the valleys of Basento and Bradano.

By investigating such “natural laboratory”, frameworks for risk assessment, management and prevention will be defined while the developed artifacts (monitoring systems, stabilization, data processing, computer platforms) will be realized increasing the competitiveness of the companies connected to the project. In particular, they could capitalize the expertise gained to develop innovative products and services in other territorial contexts, with benefits also on employment.

30 months from 01/09/2020 to 01/03/2023
Funded by
  • Projects of Industrial Research and Experimental Development in the 12 areas of specialization identified by PNR 2015-2020

Coordinating organization
  • Università della Basilicata

CMCC Scientific Leader
CMCC Project manager

General objectives

The Project is expected to design and develop consolidated and agreed support tools to cope with the different perils affecting the area of interest (geo-hydrological and seismic phenomena). It will permit advanced risk assessments exploiting in situ measures, remote sensing and advanced modeling solutions in an integrated and interoperable monitoring system. The analysis will be carried out accounting for the potential role of climate change. Then, the most reliable protection measures will be identified and implemented taking into account also the socio-economic peculiarities of the territories (lack of facilities, depopulation). Under such premises, innovative and climate-proof ways of mobility will be designed.

CMCC role

Fondazione CMCC will support the assessment of variations (in frequency and magnitude) of geo-hydrological hazards potentially induced by climate change over the Pilot Area and the identification of climate-proof protection measures to reduce landslide risk in the affected areas.


Fondazione CMCC will be involved in three Work Packages (known as Implementation Objectives, Obiettivi Realizzativi- OR). For OR 2, CMCC will support the hazard analysis for landslides and river floodings accounting for the climate change. The analysis will be carried out at slope/basin scale. Furthermore, analysis at larger scale will be performed, for example, identifying together with the stakeholders and the practitioners the climate indicators of interest. For OR 5, CMCC will be involved in the identification of the most suitable protection measures accounting for also the flexibility required to be effective in a changing climate context. Finally, for OR9, CMCC will support communication, dissemination and exploitation activities.

Expected results

An integrated platform will permit collecting the findings from the different monitoring sources (in situ, remote sensing). Risk assessment will permit identifying and implementing innovative and robust strategies and measures to deal with geo-hydrological and seismic perils. Finally, innovative climate proof mobility solutions will be designed and implemented increasing the livability of the territories, their appealing
and fostering employment opportunities.


  • Fondazione CMCC
  • Politecnico di Bari
  • Università di Trento
  • Consorzio inter-Universitario per la Previsione e Prevenzione Grandi Rischi (CUGRI)
  • Tecnologie per le Osservazioni della Terra ed i Rischi Naturali (TERN)
  • Consorzio per l’Ambiente e l’Innovazione Tecnologica (CREATEC)
  • Advanced Computer Systems (ACS)
  • TAB Consulting
  • Regione Basilicata

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