RP0102 – Strategies and research towards LCS in Italy

Division ECIP - Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy Division


  • Marinella DavideCMCC - Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change
  • Alice FaveroCMCC - Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change
  • Giulia GalluccioCMCC - Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change
  • Chiara RogateCMCC - Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change
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The report offers an outline of the main low carbon society (LCS) activities undertaken by the Italian government and of what is still missing in order to complete the transition. In detail, it provides an overview of how the debate is framed in Italy as well as the citizens’ perception and awareness about this issue. A sectoral analysis of the main actions undertaken is introduced by the challenges given the country’s specific economic and social features. While analysing local actions, proactiveness emerges at the Municipal, Provincial and Regional levels. This provides good practice examples, as much as in international cooperation programmes and projects, which are strong parts of Italy’s commitment to LCS. Finally, an overview of the main research centres and activities is given together with an analysis of their involvement in the policymaking process.

  • issn: 128, K32, O13, O38, Q01, Q54, Q55, Q58.
  • Keywords: emission reduction, Italy, low carbon society, transition

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