RP0257 – Clime: climate data processing in GIS environment

Division REMHI - Regional Models and geo-Hydrological Impacts


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Clime is an extension software for ArcMap 10 environment featuring multiple tools for observed and simulated climate data analysis. Since a large number of functionalities is featured in Clime, this report has been intended as an introductive guide for any user which could be interested on its practical purposes. Due to its nature, a background knowledge of ArcGIS software is required. The paper is structured as follows: section 1 (Introduction) briefly explains the reasons who brought to software development, along to its general purposes; section 2 is an overall description of software internal architecture; section 3 deals about all data import and managing processes to run before analysis; in section 4, database connection settings are described; section 5 shows all processes involving output image rendering, like plots and maps; section 6 explains Bias Correction tools; section 7 is about homogenization of station data; finally, section 8 describes all remaining processes, dealing primarily on graphic interpolation and format conversion.

  • Keywords: Climate Data Analysis, Geographic Information Systems

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