RP0268 – Sharing skills and needs between providers and users of climate information to create climate services: lessons from the Northern Adriatic case study

The need to cope with the expected impacts of climate change on socio-ecological systems calls for a closer dialogue between climate scien- tists and the community of climate information users (e.g. decision makers belonging to public institutions). We describe an interactive process de- signed to bridge this gap by establishing a two-way communication, based on mutual learning. We analyse the need of climate information for the in- tegrated assessment of climate change impacts on the coastal zone of the Northern Adriatic Sea, which is considered to be particularly vulnerable to several climate-related phenomena, e.g. heavy rainfall events, pluvial flood, and sea-level rise, causing potentially high damages to coastal eco-systems and urban areas (e.g. acqua alta in the Venice Lagoon). A participatory process is designed engaging representatives from both the scientific and local stakeholders communities, and facilitated by a boundary organization, embodied by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change.

  • Keywords: decision making, climate products, climate services, risk assessment, Northern Adriatic, participatory process, CLIM-RUN.

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