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Climate services, the European Meteorological Society awards young CMCC researcher

Francesca Larosa, junior scientist at the CMCC Foundation, has been awarded the EMS Young Scientist Conference Award for her study

The cost of heatwaves in Europe

Economic losses in Europe are projected to increase by almost a factor of five by 2060 compared to the historical

Climate Services for a low carbon and resilient Europe

 Within the European Research Area (ERA), the ERA4CS Consortium aimed to boost research for Climate Services (CS), including climate adaptation,

Meeting global climate targets will lead to 8 million more energy jobs worldwide by 2050

A detailed appraisal of global energy system jobs and the impact of different climate and energy policy pathways in a



Compounding COVID-19 and climate risks: The interplay of banks’ lending and government’s policy in the shock recovery

RAAS - Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies.

Effects of climate change on combined labour productivity and supply: an empirical, multi-model study

ECIP – Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy Division.

Sharing the burden: quantifying climate change spillovers in the European Union under the Paris Agreement

ECIP – Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy Division.

Lectures & Conferences

Fourteenth IAMC Annual Meeting 2021

29 Nov/03Dec
online event

Climathon Venice VI Edition: "Restart Venice"

30/31 October
Climathon Venice
Ex-Church of San Cosma e Damiano
Palanca Vaporetto Stop, in Giudecca
624-625, 30133, Venice

Fifth CEPR/EAERE webinar on Climate Policy: The Transition to Net Zero by 2050

28 October
Online webinar
h.05.00 pm - 06:30 pm CEST

Impressive - Sustainable port management through Copernicus

27 October
Online conference
h.10.00 am - 03.30 pm CEST

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