Borrelli Andrea

via C. Berti Pichat 6/2 - 40127 Bologna, Italy

+39 051-0301624

Andrea Borrelli has joined the CMCC at Bologna in November 2007.
Stage on nowcasting at Centro Epson Meteo, Milano, 2006-2007. Degree in Physics at Universisy of Calabria (2005). Main research interests: study of the seasonal and intra-seasonal predictability of climate anomaly using ensemble forecasting systems based on Coupled General Circulation Models, particularly for extreme events.


  • TN290 - Tuning of some orography-related drag parameterizations in the atmospheric component of the CMCC Operational Seasonal Prediction Systems
  • TN0288 - The new CMCC Operational Seasonal Prediction System
  • RP0285 – CMCC-SPS3: The CMCC Seasonal Prediction System 3
  • Prediction of Indian summer monsoon onset using dynamical sub-seasonal forecasts: effects of realistic initialization of the atmosphere
  • RP0253 - The new CMCC - Seasonal Prediction System
  • Impact of Atmosphere and Land Surface Initial Conditions on Seasonal Forecasts of Global Surface Temperature
  • The representation of atmospheric blocking and the associated low-frequency variability in two seasonal prediction systems
  • RP0147 - Seasonal Prediction System at CMCC
  • Evaluation of probabilistic quality and value of the ENSEMBLES multi-model seasonal forecasts: comparison with DEMETER
  • The INGV-CMCC Seasonal Prediction System: improved ocean initial conditions

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