Perugini Lucia

Viale Trieste 127, 01100 Viterbo, Italy

+39 0761 309587

Lucia Perugini is a PhD in Forest Ecology. Her expertise is focused in the LULUCF sector (Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry) of the Kyoto Protocol and its implementation at national and international level.
She is currently involved in the negotiating process under the UNFCCC as part of the Italian delegation for defining the role of the agro-forestry sector within the post-2012 climate international regulatory regime, including issues related to reducing emissions from deforestation and, degradation (REDD+).
Since 2003 she has been actively involved as forestry expert in various international projects as team leader or as forest carbon sequestration expert within AR CDM project development activities at several stages: elaboration of project technical proposal for tenders, feasibility studies, project documents development and assistance of the project participant during the project verification procedure.
Amongst others, she worked in China, Argentina, Mozambique, Ghana, Macedonia and Serbia for the Italian Ministry of Environment and Territory, in Albania and Ukraine within BioCarbon Fund projects, in Albania again with the World Bank and in India within an EU funded project in Haryana.
Besides, she has experience in capacity building and training, in designing and implementing of training programs, specifically in the context of carbon sequestration issues.
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