Reder Alfredo

via Thomas Alva Edison s.n.c. - 81100 Caserta (CE), Italy

In 2012 he graduated in Structural and Geotechnical Civil Engineering with a thesis in Geotechnics on “Physical modelling of infiltration and evaporation processes in pyroclastic soils” at the University of Naples “Federico II”. In May 2016, he was awarded the PhD degree in Geotechnical Engineering (XXVII cycle) at the “Federico II” University of Naples with research activity on “Interaction of pyroclastic covers with the atmosphere and the substrate”.
He has been working at the REMHI division (CMCC) from April 2015 first as a freelance professional, and from October 2018 as a Junior Scientist. His research activity focuses on the study of potential variations in the number of occurrences of weather-induced landslide events due to climate change and on the study of urban climate with numerical models able to quantify both the magnitude of the urban heat island phenomenon and the effectiveness of adaptation measures on a local scale in reducing this magnitude.
In the last year, he has been contributing to the preparation of different proposals for national and European calls (e.g., C3S-430). He is author of numerous research papers in SCOPUS and WoS journals, participating as a speaker also in several international conferences.


  • The role of hydraulic hysteresis on the hydrological response of pyroclastic silty covers
  • Influence of initial conditions on the liquefaction strength of an earth structure
  • Effects of vegetation on hydrological response of silty volcanic covers
  • Assessing Future Variations in Landslide Occurrence Due to Climate Changes: Insights from an Italian Test Case
  • Hydrological Characterization of Silty Volcanic Slopes and Physically-Based Early Warning Systems
  • An ensemble approach for the analysis of extreme rainfall under climate change in Naples (Italy)
  • Performance evaluation of regional climate model simulations at different spatial and temporal scales over the complex orography area of the Alpine region
  • Parametric investigation of Urban Heat Island dynamics through TEB 1D model for a case study: assessment of adaptation measures
  • Climate Change
  • Two Applications of Soil Water Balance in Unsaturated Pyroclastic Soils

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