Zollo Nicola Ciro

via Maiorise I-81043 Capua (CE), Italy

+39 0823 623173

Nicola Zollo is involved in administrative project management of ISC division at Capua.
He graduated in Mathematics at University Federico II in Naples on July 2013 and, during his university studies, he developed understanding and use of mathematical and financial models.


  • RP0233 - High resolution climate scenarios on Mediterranean test case areas for the hydro-climate integrated system
  • RP0230 - Performance evaluation of integrated system to model the climate change impacts on hydro-geological hazard
  • RP0226 - Climate and Hydrological Data available for Climate Change Studies in China
  • Global energy security under different climate policies, GDP growth rates and fossil resource availabilities
  • RP0224 - Analysis of a meteorological wind event over Verbania-Cusio-Ossola province

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