EMODnet Physics Lot 4 – European Marine Observation and Data Network

EASME/EMFF/2020/3.1.11/Lot4/SI2.838612 – EMODnet Physics [Lot 4 – Physics] from the European Commission.

EMODnet Physics (www.emodnet-physics.eu) is one of the seven domain-specific portals of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet). EMODnet-Physics map portal (www.emodnet-physics.eu/map) provides a single point of access to validated in situ datasets, products and their physical parameter metadata of European Seas and global oceans.

max 24 months from 05/11/2021 to 05/08/2023
Funded by
  • European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

Coordinating organization

CMCC Scientific Leader
CMCC Project manager

General objectives

Development of the new sea level product covering European Seas and Global Ocean.

CMCC role



WP1 – Project management, monitoring and reporting,
WP2 – Data Access and Data Products.


EMODnet Physics is collaborating with several international initiatives and groups (CMEMS, SeaDataNet, GOOS, JCOMMOPS, EuroGOOS Task Teams, SONEL, PSMSL, SOOS, DOOS, etc.) to promote European standards and facilitate data, products, and best practice exchange, enabling it to increase access to data.

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