Specialist support service for the development of the climate change adaptation plan for the Cinque Terre National Park Authority within the framework of the LIFE Project “Stonewalls 4 life”

This service contract will enable Cinque Terre National Park to adopt an adaptation plan for climate change, in collaboration with Legambiente and DISTAV Department from University of Genova. Furthermore, it will lead to the elaboration of specific guidelines for the development of a climate change adaptation plan for national parks and protected natural areas to support other Italian or European structures that intend to develop their own plan.

10 months from 21/03/2023 to 01/01/2024

General aims

This service contract aims to define a climate change adaptation plan for the territory of the Cinque Terre National Park to define the current and foreseeable impacts of climate change and define a strategy to limit the possible damage to socioeconomic activities and nature. Specifically, it will seek to define specific and concrete climate change adaptation actions that respond to the challenges of the territory to be implemented with the involvement of the entire community of Park stakeholders

CMCC role 
CMCC Foundation will be responsible for moderating the meetings and providing the necessary content and materials. The Foundation is also responsible for collecting and processing proposals/suggestions that emerge within the Focus groups. The CMCC Foundation will draft the adaptation plan and guidelines, based on the analysis carried out.


  • ACTION 1 “DESK REVIEW AND PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS” is devoted to a careful review of existing documentation regarding the climatic characteristics of the Liguria Region and the Park area and land use plans and especially the material related to “stone walls”
  • ACTION 2 “IDENTIFICATION OF THE PLAN’S VISION AND GOALS” aims to identify the vision and goals of the future adaptation plan through the presentation of “what if scenarios”
  • ACTION 3 “IDENTIFICATION OF LINES OF ACTION” intends to define with Park stakeholders, the Park Authority and with Legambiente what will be the lines of action to be implemented in the Park and presented in the adaptation plan
  • ACTION 4 “DRAFTING THE CITIZENSHIP ENGAGEMENT PLAN” aims to finalize the adaptation plan in agreement with the Park Authority and organize meetings with citizens to inform them about the impacts of climate change and the possibilities and responses offered by the adaptation plan
  • ACTION 5 “DRAFTING GUIDELINES” aims to formulate and draft the Guldelines on climate change adaptation for national parks.

Expected results
It will produce the following key results: 

  • Elaboration of an Adaptation Plan for the Park as a result of confrontation meetings, focus group and workshops with the Park authority, Legambiente and several stakeholders;
  • Elaboration of guidelines for the development of a climate change adaptation plan for national parks and protected natural areas;

Funded by Legambiente (Progetto LIFE18 CCA/IT/001145)


  • Ente Parco nazionale delle Cinque Terre 
  • Dipartimento DISTAV, Università di Genova
  • Legambiente

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