ICFBR 2011 – International Conference on Fire Behaviour and Risk (Alghero, Italy – October 4-6, 2011) – Book of Abstracts

Edited by:

  • Pierpaolo Duce, National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Biometeorology (CNR-IBIMET) Sassari, Italy;
  • and Donatella Spano, Department of Economics and Woody Plant Systems (DESA), University of Sassari, Italy; Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change, IAFENT Division, Sassari, Italy.

BookofAbstracts_ICFBR2011The Mediterranean basin ecosystems are extremely sensitive and vulnerable to anthropogenic disturbances and fire is one of the most significant threats for the Mediterranean forested areas. In the last three decades, forest fires showed an increase of both occurrence and number of extreme fire seasons. Moreover, a growing number of fires threats the wildland-urban interface, with potential risk for people safety and damage for villages, tourist resorts and other human activities.
Therefore, the development of fire management policies are required to reduce the wildland and wildland-urban interface fire risk by applying methods and models for planning the operational phases of fire management. In the Mediterranean countries, considerable knowledge, several tools and adapted methodologies, typical for each country, were developed to help in improving the efficiency in forest fire prevention and suppression systems and they need to be better known and shared.

The present Book of Abstracts contains all the lectures, papers and posters that were accepted for presentation at the International Conference on Fire Behaviour and Risk 2011 (Alghero, Italy – October 4-6, 2011), with the original version in English as well as the French and Italian translation.
Fire is a complex phenomenon caused mainly by human activities, and we are still learning how to bind and fight fires. The purpose for this volume is to present key main results of the project activities and to review the most relevant research results from other countries. In addition, the volume represents a step ahead in disseminating recent and relevant scientific results and advances in forest fire research.
The present volume gathers the contributions of the prominent researchers to scientific and operational knowledge of wildland fires at international level. It is a comprehensive source of information in answering the demands from international, national, and local Institutions, which expect improvements in knowledge, innovation, and operational tools to face the wildfire issue and support the planning fuel management and urban development.

ICFBR 2011 was an initiative of the Proterina-C Project (A forecast and prevention system for climate change impacts on risk variability for wildlands and urban areas), and was co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Transboundary Co-operation Program “Italy-France Maritime”, and was co-sponsored by the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC), an activity of the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN-ISDR), with the patronage of the Regional Administration of Sardinia, the Province Administration of Sassari, and the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC).

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