RP0195 – The ORIENTGATE data platform

The ORIENTGATE project fosters concerted and coordinated climate adaptation actions across the SEE region by exploring climate risks faced by coastal, rural and urban communities; contributing to a better understanding of the impact of climate variability and change on water regimes, forests and agro-ecosystems; and analysing specific adaptation needs in the hydroelectricity, agro-alimentary and tourism sectors. The principal project results include six pilot studies of specific climate adaptation exercises, a data platform connected to the EU Clearinghouse on Climate Adaptation, capacity enhancing seminars and workshops, working partnership among the hydro-meteorological offices of the SEE countries. In particular, this document provide an overview on the activities carried out on the ORIENTGATE data platform, designed to store and manage data produced by the project partners.

  • Keywords: climate change adaptation, vulnerabilities and risks, impact indicators, data platform, metadata, climate datasets

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