RP0250 – East China Sea model implementation to simulate coupled mesoscale and tidal dynamics

Division CSP - Climate Simulation and Prediction Division


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In this research paper, we will introduce our effect on implantation NEMO in East China Sea with coupled mesoscale and tidal dynamics. First, we detail the model configuration; include the basic physics set, numerical parameters set, and initial and boundary data. Then, we set a series of pseudo barotropic tide numerical experiments, lateral turbulent tracer and momentum diffusion sensitivity experiments and tide dynamic sensitivity experiments. Preliminary conclusions are: The z-partial NEMO need further improvement for reproduce shallow sea tide in complex bathymetry, and s-sigma NEMO better on it. Bilaplacian diffusion scheme can get better Kuroshio strength than laplacian. Tide will produce internal like wave and further affect eddy dynamics. Finally, we summarize our research and bring next plan.

  • Keywords: NEMO, eddy, tide, kuroshio, numerical sensitive experiment

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