RP0252 – The twofold aspect of climate change on navigation: the search for new maritime routes and the challenge of reducing the carbon footprint of ships

Climate Change (CC) is going to affect maritime transportation. Since a relevant anthropogenic contribution to CC has been assessed, also the implication holds: maritime transportation is one of the human activities contributing to the CC. Thus, the maritime sector should be involved in both CC adaptation and mitigation actions.

This transcription of the same titled talk given on Nov.24, 2014 on occasion of the International Workshop “Maritime and Security Implications of Climate Change”, hosted in Venice by the naval school ”F. Morosini” of the Italian Navy, briefly considers CC evidence relevant to the maritime transportation and the available mitigation options for the industry, in view of the statements of the major international organizations and the existing legal framework. Related presentation can be downloaded from http://www.marina. difesa.it/EN/events/Documents/presentation_Mannarini.pdf.

  • jel: F18, F64, K33, L92, Q54
  • Keywords: Climate Change, shipping, routes, GHG emissions, mitigation, IMO, EEDI, SEEMP

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