First National Conference on Weather and Climate Forecasts

The call for abstracts is open. Send an abstract by April 20, 2019 […]

A fellowship to study the Mediterranean climate

A PhD grant at the University of Salento to carry out research on the climate of the Mediterranean region in the framework of the global climate change soon available. Find out how to apply […]

A review of multi-risk methodologies for natural hazards

The challenge for the development of comprehensive formal approaches for the assessment of different climate-induced hazards and risks. A new study on Journal of Environmental Management […]

New frontiers on climate predictions

Recent progress in the understanding the contribute of sea-ice, land surface, stratosphere and aerosols to decadal scale predictability. A paper on Reviews of Geophysics; A. Bellucci and S. Materia among the authors […]

Hurricanes and climate: understanding and predicting dynamics and trend

The relationship between climate and tropical cyclone formation, the characteristics of tropical cyclones in high-resolution models in the present and their activity in the future. Three new papers make the point […]

Mediterranean region climate simulations: the CIRCE models

Improved simulation of physical processes involved in the complex interaction of land, air, and sea. A paper published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society by SERC and ANS Division […]

The effect of Congo River freshwater discharge on Eastern Equatorial Atlantic climate variability

A new source of variability in the Eastern Equatorial Atlantic region. In a paper published in the journal Climate Dynamics, CMCC scientists Stefano Materia, Silvio Gualdi, Antonio Navarra, and Laurent Terray (CERFACS), investigate the effect of freshwater flow on sea surface salinity and temperature in the Gulf of Guinea […]

The “phytoplankton effect”, new insights from a coupled climate model

Simulations with a coupled ocean – atmosphere – biogeochemistry model to study the global climate response to solar radiation absorbed by phytoplankton. A paper by L. Patara, M. Vichi, S. Masina, P.G. Fogli and E. Manzini published in Climate Dynamics

The path integral formulation of climate dynamics

A new CMCC’s Research Paper by Antonio Navarra, Joe Tribbia and Giovanni Conti […]

The agenda of 2012 IPCC meetings

All the scientific, technical and socio – economic information relevant to understanding climate change, its potential impacts and opportunities for adaptation and mitigation. Look at the calendar of 2012 meeting for IPCC secretariat […]

What Mediterranean area tells us about Plio–Pleistocene coolings

Insight in the area could reveal relevant information on what happened to the climate over the last 5 million years. A paper by Florence Colleoni, Simona Masina, Alessandra Negri and Alice Marzocchi published in “Earth and Planetary Science Letters” […]