Climate change and human migrations, understanding the geopolitical nexus in the Euro-Mediterranean

How food insecurity affects migration and vice versa? A new report analyses the nexus food-migration, with a focus on the trans-Mediterranean countries. CMCC researchers M. Santini, L. Caporaso, G. Barbato and S. Noce explore how climate change influences the past, present and future vulnerability of countries of origin, transit and destination of migrants […]

Forests facing climate change: the case study of Southern Europe

Chestnut, the birch, the spruce could disappear on the most part of their historical European distribution. Beech, fir, larch, Scots pine, English and […]

Climate modeling in the Mediterranean area: CMCC invited to Crete

CMCC researcher Edoardo Bucchignani, guest professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Crete, will hold a conference on July 17-18, 2017, on REMHI Division research activities. An important recognition for REMHI initiatives carried on in the last years in the Eastern Mediterranen region […]

How rivers influence the Mediterranean dynamics?

Estuaries, deltas and lagoons: how do they influence the ocean dynamics? Three different approaches tested while developing an interface between estuarine dynamics and regional ocean models. The Ofanto and Po rivers: two case studies to explore riverine freshwater role on the coastal and basin wide processes […]

2014: an unusual, wet, Italian summer

Heavy rainfall that damaged agriculture, affected tourism and overall economy of Italy and the surrounding Mediterranean countries. A study recently published reconstructed those events while trying to understand the physical mechanisms responsible for such abnormal weather […]

WE are MED: going beyond thematic communities

The event organized by the Interreg MED Programme on May 16th – 17th in Alicante. An occasion to work on project synergies, find a common work methodology and build a strong Interreg MED community […]

The Efficient Buildings thematic community launched

The Interreg Horizontal Project MEDNICE launched its community on energy efficiency for efficient buildings in the Mediterranean area during the kick-off meeting held in Nice, France, on March 7-8, 2017 […]

Workshop on Mediterranean Advanced Modelling

On November 15, 2016, in Split, Croazia, the MONGOOS workshop on recent progress and strategies on ocean and coastal modelling. Participations of teams not involved in opearational oceanography are welcome […]

A fellowship to study the Mediterranean climate

A PhD grant at the University of Salento to carry out research on the climate of the Mediterranean region in the framework of the global climate change soon available. Find out how to apply […]

ClimaSouth training workshop on climate downscaling and forest fire impacts

A training workshop for the specialized staff of Algeria’s Office National de la Météorologie (ONM) on the topic of climate downscaling. Lectures and associated practical sessions on climate change, climate variability, dynamical downscaling and implementation of the COSMO-CLM regional climate model […]

Methods and tools for vulnerability assessment

The regional workshop organized by the CMCC Foundation in the framework of the ClimaSouth project focused on the vulnerability assessment on coastal zone and agriculture sector. 
A joint training and the sharing of experiences and case studies to strengthening institutional adaptation capacity […]

Safer seas, just a click away

SeaConditions and VISIR® become Premium: more services, improved representation of the weather forecasts, cloud support and personalised information. Get them on the Apple and Google Play Stores […]

Mediterranean tree species: a basis for understanding forest dynamics

Modelling the natural vegetation dynamics in the Taurus mountains, Turkey, to investigating the past forest–society interactions in the territory. A new study on Ecological Modelling […]

Mediterranean Sea: scenario analysis

An analysis of the impacts of climate change and environmental management policies on the Mediterranean Sea. A study on Journal of Marine Systems […]

The map of the Mediterranean climate in the 21st century

How the geographic distribution of the Mediterranean climate will change based on the latest-available climate projections for the 21st century. A study by CMCC researcher A. Cherchi on Scientific Reports […]