Asset prices and climate policy

The RFF-CMCC – EIEE webinar held by Armon Rezai, Institute for Ecological Economics, Vienne University of Economics and Business. Watch the video and download the webinar presentation! […]


Europeans will not be able to live prosperous and healthy lives on a peaceful European continent in 2050 if they don’t reduce by 80% the amount of natural resources used for nutrition, housing, mobility and lifestyle needs. All the results of the #Think2030 new report […]

Market-based mechanisms for enhancing ecosystem services and nature conservation

What are Payments for Ecosystem Services, and how do they work? Five recent innovations to improve the cost-effectiveness and environmental performance of these schemes around the world presented at the CMCC seminar held by Nicholas Hanley, Professor of Environmental and One Health Economics at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Watch the video […]

How can governments foster sustainable innovation?

Human innovations created widespread human prosperity. However, they are also threatening the global environmental systems on which our economy and civilization depend. The likely solutions to these challenges will require yet more innovation: 3 policy proposals that would support more innovation of the environmentally beneficial kind […]