Hi-tech forests: TRACE project in Super Quark programme video

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A small-scale monitoring network to trial the use of innovative Internet of Things technologies to assess tree growth and health. In the video by Superquark, Riccardo Valentini illustrates the “Tree Talker” sensors and the unique experiment realized in the framework of TRACE project. Watch the video!

The frontier of forest management explored in the framework of the project TRACE – TRee monitoring to support climate Adaptation and mitigation through pefc CErtification has been at the center of the video of Superquark programme.

Riccardo Valentini (CMCC Foundation and Università degli Studi della Tuscia, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize together with other IPCC scientists and experts), illustrated the “Tree Talker”, the innovative device for continuous monitoring of tree functions, including growth, water fluxes, leaf health and tree mortality in response climate and other drivers.

Watch the video:

More information about the project TRACE here.

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