MEDNICE – MED programme Networks for an Innovative Cooperation in Energy efficiency

The INTERREG MED program projects funds both so-called “modular” projects on specific issues and “horizontal” projects that assist and complement modular ones.
As a MED Community for Energy Efficiency innovative and shared solutions, the horizontal project MEDNICE will anchor a MED community around energy issues that public organisations face in order to promote modular projects’ results and increase their impact on public policies. The overall objective of MEDNICE is to empower MED projects’ partners through the establishment of a MED community and a joint transnational framework around the issue of fostering energy efficiency in public buildings. By setting up training mechanisms, MEDNICE will contribute to increase the capacity of managers of public buildings to design and implement better energy efficiency practices. MEDNICE will also analyze and summarize Energy Efficiency practices through thematic and policy papers to be promoted and benefit the MED community.

General aims
  • Greater public policy harmonization regarding the energy efficiency in public buildings issues specific to the Mediterranean.
  • Raising capacity for better management of energy in public buildings at transnational level.
  • Creating and coordinating a transnational network (EEB Community) composed of the MED Modular Projects, MEDNICE partners and a large network of stakeholders, involved in the Energy Efficiency in Public Building issues.

  • Leading partner of WP2 on the external communication strategy and action plan; and coordination with MED Programme communication activities;
  • Development of policy recommendations.

Expected results

The main expected results of the project are:

  • the development and management of a MED transnational community around energy efficiency issues with the creation of:
    – An Energy Efficiency in public Building Task Force (EEB Taskforce) gathering modular projects’ leaders to take stock on projects’ progresses and create concrete synergies.
    – An Energy Efficiency in public Building Community (EEB Community), bringing together modular projects’ lead partners, partners and associated partners, MEDNICE partners and a large network of stakeholders involved in the Energy Efficiency in Public Building issues.
  • the establishment of a MED Energy Efficiency Buildings identity and approach;
  • the achievement of a greater public policy harmonization regarding the energy efficiency in public buildings issues specific to the Mediterranean area.


Coordination, communication and capitalization activities.
Being in charge of the development of the thematic community “Efficient Buildings”, the project’s activities  will mainly entail:

  • sharing the results of ten modular Interreg MED projects with a community of stakeholders by supporting and coordinating the projects’ outreach activities,
  • highlighting innovative solutions to the energy issues faced by public institutions, stemming from the results of the modular projects,
  • stimulating and facilitating the dialogue around these solutions among the members of the Thematic Community,
  • and  translating the main results of this process into clear messages for policymakers.

Download the poster of the Efficient Buildings community featured by MEDNICE project.

Download our project booklet.

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  • CMCC - Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici
  • Energy cities
  • EMUNI - Euro-Mediterranean University
  • IREC - Catalonia Institute for energy research
  • Region of North Aegean

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