NIGERIA – Nigeria Climate risk assessment in agriculture and coastal development

23 mesi da 01/01/2011 a 01/12/2012

Obiettivi generali
  • to implement an integrated assessment of climate related risks, based on available datasets and exisisting models, focusing on different but interacting sectors (agriculture and water);
  • to analyze a set of representative and plausible scenarios alerting policymakers and stakeholders about emerging problems related to climate change impacts (e.g. sector development, food security, water scarcity, energy supply), and providing a reference point for strategic planning of adaptation measures in Nigeria;
  • to identify and assess potential adaptation measures to reduce above assessed risks related to climate;
  • to quantitatively assess the effectiveness of adaptation measures to climate change;

Ruolo CMCC

Coordinator and supervisor of three local consultants

  • A.1 – Historical climatic and hydrological variability review
  • A.2 – Review and assessment of drivers of changes
  • A.3 – Analysis of available climate projections
  • A.4 – Review of the findings
  • B.1 – Definition of policy-level indicators of change
  • B.2 – Definition of reference targets
  • B.3¬† – Climate Impact Assessment
  • B.3.1 – “Intermediate” variable and impact model selection
  • B.3.2 – Impact model selection for policy level variable
  • B.3.3 – Baseline scenarios
  • B.3.4 – Alternative scenarios
  • B.4 – Implications for high-level policy variables
  • B.5 – Decision Support System (DDS) for adaptation
  • B.5.1 – Testing and selection of adaptation options by DSS
  • B.5.2 – Identification of adaptation indicators

  • CMCC - Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici

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