Blue-Cloud 2026 | A federated European FAIR and Open Research Ecosystem for oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters

The Blue-Cloud 2026 project builds on the existing pilot Blue-Cloud project (Oct 2019 – Sep 2022) and it evolves its pilot Blue-Cloud ecosystem into a federated European Ecosystem to deliver FAIR and Open Data and analytical services instrumental for deepening research of oceans, the EU sea, coastal and inland waters. It develops a thematic marine extension to European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) for accessible web-based science, serving the needs of the EU Blue Economy, Marine Environment and Marine Knowledge agendas. 

42 months from 01/01/2023 to 30/06/2026
Funded by
  • - European Union – Horizon Europe

CMCC Scientific Leader

General aims

General objectives

  • To expand and optimise the Blue-Cloud Data Discovery and access service (DD&AS) and federate additional Blue Data Infrastructure (BDIs)
  • To expand and further develop the functionalities of the Blue-Cloud Virtual Research Environment (VRE) by federating more analytical and more e-infrastructures
  • To stimulate further uptake and utilisation of the Blue-Cloud VRE services and capabilities for developing Virtual Labs by Blue Data Infrastructures
  • To Develop and validate new Blue-Cloud analytical WorkBenches for data intensive processes
  • To develop and publish a range of online courses and educational guidance documents 
  • To ensure long-term EOSC integration, alignment and growth of the EU digital ecosystem required to support research of oceans, seas, coastal and land waters

CMCC role
CMCC will contribute to Blue-Cloud 2026 by: 

  • Developing and testing analytical Blue Cloud WorkBenches for generating highly qualified data collections
  • Using the Blue-Cloud Virtual Labs for demonstrating cross-domain web-based open science
  • Integrating the Blue Cloud Virtual Research Environment with EOSC resources and services
  • Involved in outreach, engagement and education 

In addition to project management and communication and dissemination activities, the main activities of Blue-Cloud 2026 are:

  • Seamless interoperability between EOSC and marine dataspaces/ environment 
  • Producing and reusing open and FAIR data
  • Sharing research data across Member States and Associated Countries
  • Expanding EOSC to become a trusted R&I data space 
  • Growing the partnership of Horizon Europe 

Expected results
The main outcomes expected of Blue-Cloud 2026 strategy consists of:

  • Involving leading partners in ocean science and ICT for guarenteeing sustainability
  • Providing the link to leading EU Blue Data Infrastructures, serving as channels to promote uptake of project assets among thematic communities 
  • Establish assets with a lasting legacy in the context of the Ocean Decade, and future effors in marine research
  • Providing wider societal involvement on critical issues under the Ocean Literacy Umbrella. 

Coordinating organization

  • Trust -IT Srl
  • Mariene Informatie Services (MARIS BV)
  • CNR
  • Ifremer
  • Mercator Ocean International
  • Seascape Belgium
  • Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee (VLIZ)

Project manager
Simone Phoré

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