Lessons from the field: strategies for effective implementation of climate focused projects and enhancement of nutrition benefits.

The project aims to generate and share knowledge from previous experiences within IFAD projects in Latin America regarding best practices and the effective implementation of climate financed and/or focused projects and identifying if exist any impacts of these climate activities on nutrition. This initiative is implemented in the framework of the ASAP (Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Program) Fund, which is fully dedicated to climate change adaptation and mitigation. Project results will inform IFAD’s future strategy on the climate-nutrition nexus.

12 months from 06/12/2021 to 31/12/2022
Funded by
  • IFAD - International Fund for Agricultural Development

Coordinating organization
  • AGT (formerly AGROTEC S.p.A)

CMCC Scientific Leader
CMCC Project manager

General objectives

The main objective is to conduct necessary research to compile, generate and share knowledge regarding best practices, tools, and activities related to the successful implementation of selected IFAD climate change related projects. Furthermore, the services provided will support on identifying potential co-benefits and linkages between climate-focused activities and nutrition, as well as any other potential co-benefits arising from mainstreaming climate change, gender and youth.

CMCC role

CMCC is involved in all activities, mainly providing technical expertise on climate change and nutrition nexus.


Under this contract, CMCC will perform the following activities:

  • Conduct a literature review, organize surveys/interviews/focus group meetings and analyse these data to identify the best practices and lessons learned on climate-nutrition nexus.
  • Organize the peer-to-peer learning event based on a training model as a training to build capacity on the climate-nutrition nexus.
  • Development of a Tool-Kit and training material.

Expected results

  • A Research paper compiling the results from the research study that will notably highlights linkages between climate-focused activities and nutrition or other co-benefits, and including best practices, tools and activities that have been the most useful towards reaching IFAD’s objective, and any recommendations for further practices.
  • A Peer-to-peer event to present the results, and recommendations from the research study, and to provide an opportunity to open a discussion between participants.
  • A Tool-Kit composed of a Teaser, a “How to do Note”, and “Lessons learned” gathering all the information obtained.


CMCC Foundation

AGT (formerly AGROTEC S.p.A)

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