Information Systems for Climate science and Decision-making

ISCD Staff

Giulia Galluccio – Director
Chiara Trozzo – Deputy Director

Loredana Cocola De Matteis – Division Manager

Office and Contacts

Largo Francesco Richini, 6
20122 Milano
Tel. +39 02 582151

The ISCD Division represents CMCC’s interface between scientific knowledge and decision-making, aspiring to transform complex climate data and evidence into actionable information.
On one hand, the division aims at distilling the outputs of CMCC’s climate models and scenarios into information relevant to decision-making, through the development of innovative information systems and data visualization tools for user-friendly climate data analytics and scientific research.
On the other hand, the ISCD division provides policy-makers and corporate actors with strategic advice for informed decision-making on priorities and solutions in the field of climate change: from scientific consultancy to policy support and development and from stakeholder outreach and engagement to capacity building for both public and private organisations.

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