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Decarbonising transports in Italy

We have the technologies. They are affordable. Experts of the “Structure for a green transition for mobility and infrastructure” established

A climate resilient Venice: how to meet the challenge

Physical and engineering adaptation measures are effective in the face of events such as flooding. However, some of these are

The effects of COVID-19 lockdown on carbon dioxide emissions in urbanized areas

Emissions cuts to 87% across 11 European cities analyzed by using micrometeorological data from 13 measurement stations. Pesaro and Florence

Towards a more sustainable maritime transport: research and innovation for route optimization in Puglia and in Croatia

Is it possible to improve and enhance maritime transport and, at the same time, contribute to reduce emissions in the


Barriers and enablers for upscaling coastal restoration

RAAS - Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies.

The local costs of global climate change: spatial GDP downscaling under different climate scenarios

ECIP – Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy Division.

Parallel implementation of the SHYFEM (System of HydrodYnamic Finite Element Modules) model

ASC - Advanced Scientific Computing Division, OPA - Ocean Predictions and Applications.

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