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A survival guide for humanity: the IPCC’s latest synthesis report

From science to policy: a matter of urgency, action, and hope. The latest IPCC synthesis report lays out the harsh

Urgent climate action can secure a liveable future for all

The press note released by the IPCC to present the Synthesis Report of the Sixth Assessment Report.

Drought: the new high resolution dataset to understand and project it

Details and strengths of the new dataset released by the CMCC Foundation and available for free on the Data Delivery

#TomorrowIsTooLate: knowledge at the root of the new climate strike

On the occasion of the climate strike taking place on 3 March 2023, take a look at knowledge behind this


A Systematic Review on the Impacts of Climate Change on Coffee Agrosystems

IAFES - Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services.

Monthly to seasonal rainfall erosivity over Italy: Current assessment by empirical model and future projections by EURO-CORDEX ensemble

ASC - Advanced Scientific Computing Division, IAFES - Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services, REMHI - REgional Models and geo-Hydrological Impacts.

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