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CMCC: here are some digital resources focused on climate change

From the CMCC Foundation, a preliminary list of online resources on climate change issues that could be interesting to read…

From Copernicus big data, new solutions to face the changing climate

To take full advantage of the amount of data released by the EU Copernicus platform, innovative ideas are needed. Machine…

Green cities: urban infrastructures to effectively respond to climate change

Nature-based solutions are winning strategies for climate change adaptation, also in urban contexts. The contribution of the CMCC Foundation to…

Riccardo Valentini nominated member of the European Academy of Sciences

An important recognition from one of the most ancient and prestigious European scientific organizations, whose aim is to promote excellence…

Why does Europe need to limit climate change and adapt to its impacts?

Europe’s many regions are expected to face worsening impacts of climate change over the next decades. A compilation of several…

Tropical cyclones: how they contribute to better forecast in the Maritime Continent

Tropical cyclones in the North West Pacific can dry the archipelagos of Southeast Asia, as they reduce humidity in the…


  • SHYFEM - Shallow water HYdrodynamic Finite Element Model

    SHYFEM - Shallow water HYdrodynamic Finite Element Model is a package that…

    Cities & Coasts, Future Earth, Ocean.

  • FASST(R) - FAst Scenario Screening Tool

    FASST(R) is a source receptor model, an R version of the reduced-form…

    Cities & Coasts, Future Earth.

  • LUC@CMCC - Land use change model

    The land use change model LUC@CMCC was reformulated in Santini and Valentini…

    Future Earth, Global Policy, Water, Food and Land Use.

  • Medslik-II

    The oil spill model code MEDSLIK-II (De Dominicis et. al 2013, Part…

    Cities & Coasts, Energy, Future Earth, Ocean.

  • IDI - Integrated Desertification Index

    The Integrated Desertification Index (IDI) was developed (Santini et al., 2010) to…

    Future Earth, Water, Food and Land Use.

  • Publications

    An Integrated Big and Fast Data Analytics Platform for Smart Urban Transportation Management

    ASC - Advanced Scientific Computing Division.

    Cities & Coasts, Energy, Future Earth, Jobs & Growth.

    Need for a common typology of climate services

    Communication & Media Office.

    Cities & Coasts, Future Earth.

    The Land Sector in the 2030 EU Climate Change Policy Framework: a Look At The Future

    IAFES - Impacts on Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystem Services.

    Future Earth, Global Policy, Jobs & Growth, Water, Food and Land Use.

    Connecting climate action with other Sustainable Development Goals

    SEME – Sustainable Earth Modelling Economics.

    Future Earth, Global Policy, Inequalities.

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