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Towards a better understanding of natural hazard risk and economic losses in Europe

Released the new report “Science for Disaster Risk Management 2020: acting today, protecting tomorrow”, presenting the consequences of disasters on…

Keeping healthy in a changing climate – Launch of the EU Climate and Health Observatory

A Policy Dialogue jointly organized by the European Commission and the European Environment Agency, in cooperation with the European Policy…

Climate impacts on health and urban areas: heatwaves and death rate

Heat does not kill in the same way everywhere. Urban planning, social cohesion, traffic, crime: the urban and social context…

Health, air pollution, COVID19: an integrated approach

Lock-down measures in spring in Lombardy saved 20% of premature deaths from COVID19, but pollution exceeded WHO levels one in…

Atmospheric pollution and COVID-19 spread in Italy

A careful analysis focused on the possible connection between a low air quality index and COVID-19 spread in Italy in…

Health and climate change: responding to converging crises. The 2020 Lancet Countdown Report

The COVID-19 pandemic and climate change represent converging crises that have and will have impacts on health. The importance of…


Representing inequalities in integrated assessment modeling of climate change

SEME – Sustainable Earth Modelling Economics.

Connecting climate action with other Sustainable Development Goals

SEME – Sustainable Earth Modelling Economics.

Human Migration in the Era of Climate Change

SEME – Sustainable Earth Modelling Economics.

Amplification of future energy demand growth due to climate change

ECIP – Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy Division.

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