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Ofidia2 wins Interreg Project Slam 2021 Social Media Award

Source: Interreg Italy-Greece Programme Interreg Greece-Italy have won the Interreg Project Slam 2021 Social Media Award, for the second year!

The climate of our cities: what it looks like, how it is changing, how to tackle the risks

The report “Analisi del Rischio. I cambiamenti climatici in sei città italiane – Risk Analysis. Climate change in six Italian

Climate Services for a low carbon and resilient Europe

 Within the European Research Area (ERA), the ERA4CS Consortium aimed to boost research for Climate Services (CS), including climate adaptation,

Interreg Project Slam 2021: OFIDIA2 project in the final

The video of the Interreg Greece – Italy OFIDIA2 project is among the 10 finalists of the Interreg Project Slam

Machine learning: a case study to forecast COVID-19 hospitalizations in Lombardy, Italy

The paper “Limits of Compartmental Models and New Opportunities for Machine Learning: A Case Study to Forecast the Second Wave

Annual Report 2020

Topics, publications, projects, events and the multidisciplinary activities carried out by CMCC in 2020. “This was a difficult year. The

Oil Spill in Syria: how is it moving. Read the bulletin and watch the video

On August 24, an oil spill on the coast of Syria was imaged by the Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites. CMCC, ORBITALEOS

IPCC AR6: climate change widespread, rapid, and intensifying

The press note released by the IPCC to present the first part of the Sixth Assessment report.


Climate: risks and future strategies in Italy

All you need to know: the full report, executive summary, infographics, and much more. CLICK HERE  It could be worth

Methane: emissions increase and it’s not a good news

It is the second greenhouse gas with even a global warming potential larger than CO2. An international study realized in

World Oceans Day 2019: Gender and the Ocean

This year’s theme is an opportunity to explore the gender dimension of humankind’s relationship with the ocean. Watch the videos

Infographic: Global Warming of 1.5°C

The implications of limiting the global warming at 1,5°C. Where we are now, and what difference does it make half


Future-proof cities: building up circular economy

From the importance of data to the limits of our planetary boundaries, from resilience strategies to the research on material

The beauty of climate science at Expo 2020 Dubai

Ocean exploration, real time ocean forecasting and the consequences for sustainable development are at the centre of the partnership between

Predicting the Ocean for a Sustainable Future: UN endorses CoastPredict

On World Oceans Day 2021, the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development announces its endorsement to CoastPredict, the


Prioritization of resilience initiatives for climate-related disasters in the Metropolitan City of Venice

Bonato M., Sambo B., Sperotto A., Lambert J.H., Linkov I., Critto A., Torresan S., Marcomini A.
2021, Risk Analysis: An International Journal, Risk Analysis, Vol. 0, No. 0, 2021, DOI:, web page

Cities & Coasts, Water, Food and Land Use.

Selecting and correcting RCM models ensemble: a case study for the evaluation of thermal discomfort for the city of Prato

Villani V., Romano E., Barbato G., Mercogliano P.
2021, Natural Hazards, volume 107, pages 1541–1557, DOI:, web page

Cities & Coasts, Future Earth.

A Modelling Approach for the Assessment of Wave-Currents Interaction in the Black Sea

Causio S., Ciliberti S., Clementi E., Coppini G., Lionello P.
2021, Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (J. Mar. Sci. Eng.), 9(8), 893, DOI:, web page


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Research Organization

CMCC aims at furthering knowledge in the field of climate variability, its causes and impacts and their interactions with the global climate, through the development of high-resolution simulations of the atmosphere and ocean, surface and underground hydrology, environmental and socio-economic impact models.

The scientific organization enhances the integration and collaboration among interdisciplinary skills needed to deal with climate sciences related topics.

The research network is distributed among nine research divisions that share different knowledge and skills in the field of climate sciences.

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