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Celebrating the mountains

Today, let’s stop at the top. It’s the day to recognize the importance of the mountains, it’s the occasion to…

Enhancing awareness: tools and strategies to disseminate climate and ocean literacy for students and adults

The meeting, entitled Climate and Ocean Literacy: tools for a sustainable future, was held in the Italian Pavilion at COP25…

The CMCC at the UN Climate Conference COP25

Energy and decarbonization policies, climate innovation and finance, adaptation strategies, standardized observations and climate sciences insights to support transitions to…

An action plan to make the land sector carbon neutral by 2040

Protecting forests, planting trees, reducing food waste and changing diets critical to cool, liveable planet; the US, the EU, China…

Global heating is expensive to Italian people

Millions work hours lost, transmission of diseases, crop yields reduction, premature loss of lives. The data of the cost of…

PhD Programme in Future Earth, Climate Change and Societal Challenges at the start

It the first PhD in Italy to offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to study the interaction between climate change and…

CMCC Foundation awarded with the AICA Environmental Communication Award 2019

The CMCC Foundation was awarded the AICA – International Association for Environmental Communication Award, 2019 edition, section “Communicating climate change”.…

EURAF 2020:Agroforestry for the transition towards sustainability and bioeconomy

The call for abstracts of the 5th European Conference on Agroforestry, EURAF 2020, is now open. Join the conference on…


World Oceans Day 2019: Gender and the Ocean

This year’s theme is an opportunity to explore the gender dimension of humankind’s relationship with the ocean. Watch the videos…

Infographic: Global Warming of 1.5°C

The implications of limiting the global warming at 1,5°C. Where we are now, and what difference does it make half…


Hi-tech forests: TRACE project in Super Quark programme video

A network to trial the use of innovative Internet of Things technologies to monitor tree growth and health. In the…

World Oceans Day 2019: Gender and the Ocean

This year’s theme is an opportunity to explore the gender dimension of humankind’s relationship with the ocean. Watch the videos…

Forests: solutions and perspectives to fight climate change

Challenges and perspectives for a long-term vision in managing forests under climate change and the Italian case, natural climate solutions…


Need for a common typology of climate services

Bessembinder J., Terrado M., Hewitt C., Garrett N., Kotova L. Buonocore M., Groenland R.
2019, Climate Services, Volume 16, December 2019, 100135, DOI:, web page

The Land Sector in the 2030 EU Climate Change Policy Framework: a Look At The Future

Savaresi A., Perugini L.
2019, Journal for European Environmental & Planning Law, Volume 16: Issue 2,, DOI:, web page

The role of the discount rate for emission pathways and negative emissions

Emmerling J., Drouet L., van der Wijst K-I., Van Vuuren D., Bosetti V., Tavoni M.
2019, Environmental Research Letters, DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/ab3cc9, web page

Energy, Global Policy, Jobs & Growth.

Lectures & Conferences

12  December
Madrid, EU Pavillion - h. 10:30‐12:00 CET
12  December
COP25 UN side event
Madrid, Meeting Room No.4
h. 16:45‐18:15 CET
13  December
COP25 UN Side event Madrid,
Italian Pavilion, h. 10:30 - 12:30 CET

Research Organization

CMCC aims at furthering knowledge in the field of climate variability, its causes and impacts and their interactions with the global climate, through the development of high-resolution simulations of the atmosphere and ocean, surface and underground hydrology, environmental and socio-economic impact models.

The scientific organization enhances the integration and collaboration among interdisciplinary skills needed to deal with climate sciences related topics.

The research network is distributed among nine research divisions that share different knowledge and skills in the field of climate sciences.

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