RP0224 – Analysis of a meteorological wind event over Verbania-Cusio-Ossola province

Division REMHI - Regional Models and geo-Hydrological Impacts


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The present research paper investigates a meteorological event occurred on the 11th May 2014 over Verbania-Cusio-Ossola province, characterized by the presence of strong winds, causing numerous damages and diseases. The aim of the work is to study the exceptionality of such event by comparing daily wind speeds (mean and maximum values) with a long time series (30 years) of winds data. For this reason a definition of extreme events is proposed, followed by a meteorological analysis and a climatological study of wind speeds over the area of interest. Such climatological study has been carried out using outputs of COSMO-CLM model driven by ERA-Interim. In order to roughly evaluate the error carried out, a comparison between the model downscaled results and the available observed data is proposed. In addition a study of the evolution of the weather situation in the area of interest using numerical weather prediction models, at different resolutions, has been realized. Finally the impacts on soil caused by such meteorological event have been described.

  • Keywords: Extreme winds, Meteorological events, Impacts

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