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Simulating the weathering and transport of the Mauritius oil spill

When an accident involving oil spill occurs, forecasting the behaviour of the oil slick and understanding in advance where and…

North Atlantic climate far more predictable following major scientific breakthrough

North Atlantic atmospheric pressure patterns, the key driving force behind winter weather in Europe and eastern North America, are highly…

Decadal predictability of North Atlantic blocking and the NAO

Decadal predictions are important to study climate evolution on multi-annual to decadal timescales and may represent an unprecedented opportunity for…

Improving coastal areas resilience and adaptation to climate change: a new trans-Adriatic collaboration is starting

AdriaClim is the acronym of the new research project funded by the Italy-Croatia Interreg Cooperation Programme that is dedicated to supporting the…

A free training workshop to study the Mediterranean Sea with the Copernicus Marine Service

Experts meet beginners and new users of the open-access and free Copernicus services to explore and learn about the products…

We care for the ocean

On June 8, we celebrate the World Oceans Day, which this year focuses on inviting world leaders to protect 30%…

Research Projects


  • SHYFEM - Shallow water HYdrodynamic Finite Element Model

    SHYFEM - Shallow water HYdrodynamic Finite Element Model is a package that…

    Cities & Coasts, Future Earth, Ocean.

  • Medslik-II

    The oil spill model code MEDSLIK-II, based on its precursor oil spill model…

    Cities & Coasts, Energy, Future Earth, Ocean.

  • SANIFS - Southern Adriatic Northern Ionian coastal Forecasting System

    CMCC-OPA division has been developing and maintaining the Southern Adriatic Northern Ionian…

    Cities & Coasts, Future Earth, Ocean.

  • CMCC-ESM - Earth System Model

    The Earth System Modeling Unit at ODA division is devoted to the…

    Future Earth, Ocean.

  • LIM

    LIM is a numerical model of sea ice designed for climate studies…

    Future Earth, Ocean.

  • Publications

    Preliminary Inter-comparison of AIS Data and Optimal Ship Tracks

    OPA - Ocean Predictions and Applications.

    Cities & Coasts, Jobs & Growth, Ocean.

    Reduced Extremes of Sub-daily Temperature Swings during the Boreal Summer in the Northern Hemisphere

    CSP - Climate Simulation and Prediction Division.

    Future Earth, Ocean, Water, Food and Land Use.

    VISIR-1.b: ocean surface gravity waves and currents for energy-efficient navigation

    OPA - Ocean Predictions and Applications.

    Cities & Coasts, Energy, Jobs & Growth, Ocean.

    Using canonical correlation analysis to produce dynamically based and highly efficient statistical observation operators

    ODA - Ocean modeling and Data Assimilation, OPA - Ocean Predictions and Applications.

    Future Earth, Ocean.

    Assessment of Climate Change Impacts in the North Adriatic Coastal Area. Part II: Consequences for Coastal Erosion Impacts at the Regional Scale

    Cities & Coasts, Ocean, Water, Food and Land Use.

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