RP0264 – Frequency variation of geo-hydrological hazards under climate change conditions in Italy

This document is the product P94 of GEMINA project. It represents the milestone for year 2015 of GEMINA project within the Work Package A.2.17 “Analysis of geological risk related to climate change” which main goal is the analysis of the impacts of climate change on occurrence and magnitude of landslides, floods and low flows conditions on some specific contexts of the Mediterranean area. In particular, this document summarises the main results achieved in the analysis of geo-hydrological hazards frequency under future climate projections forcing the modelling chain presented in [56] and validated in [32] with the outputs of the climate simulation illustrated in [22] before and after the application of the bias correction techniques explained in [23].

  • Keywords: Climate projections, bias correction, floods, droughts, landslides

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