MEDSCOPE – MEDiterranean Services Chain based On climate PrEdictions

The MEDSCOPE project aims at advancing the climate services developed in the Mediterranean region by improving climate forecast capabilities and related services on seasonal-to-multi annual timescales

36 months from 15/09/2017 to 14/09/2020

General aims

MEDSCOPE will improve understanding of the sources of predicatbility for the Mediterranean region and will develop and deliver top-quality tools for forecast verification downscaling, bias correction and ensemble member selection. The development of these tools wil be supported by cutting-edge research, tailored for climate services in the Mediterranean and will empower their use by the Mediterranean user community.


  • EC (European ERA4CS Joint Call for Transnational Collaborative Research Projects 2016)


CMCC is coordinator of the project and leads WP1 (Management and Coordination).

Expected results

MEDSCOPE will enhance our understanding of the mechanisms of climate variability and of the sources of predictability for the Mediterranean region. Furthermore, it will provide a set of tools aimed at improving our capability to extract useful information from seasonal forecasts in the Mediterranean area, such as tools for downscaling, bias correction and ensemble member selection. Finally, MEDSCOPE will provide demonstrations of applicability of seasonal forecast output to provide climate services in socio–economic sectors relevant for the Mediterranean region.


CMCC ensures the coordination of the project activities, the communication among the project partners and the on–time release of project deliverables and reports. CMCC also contributes to the identification and characterization of the sources of climate predictability for the Mediterranean area. To this aim, CMCC conducts a number of sensitivity experiments, targeted at improving our understanding of the land surface-atmosphere feedbacks and to enhance the comprehension of teleconnection mechanisms that link the variability of the Mediterranean region to climate variations in remote areas of the globe, such as Tropical and mid-latitude oceans. Furthermore, CMCC contributes to the development and release of tools aimed at improving the information obtained from seasonal forecasts over the entire Mediterranean region, such as downscaling and bias correction. Finally, CMCC is also involved in the climate service demonstration activities, formulating and applying indicators related to the agriculture and forestry sector at the regional and local scale.

  • BSC - Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Centro Nacional de Supercomputacion
  • INRA - Institut national de la recherche agronomique

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