11421 – Hydrology/Ocean Modeller

  • 18/10/2020

The CMCC is taking into consideration the possibility to hire a talented, motivated and proactive Hydrology/Ocean Modeller to support the research and the service improvement activity.
This job announcement is a public invitation to express interest for the above mentioned CMCC Position.

The location is CMCC – Ocean Predictions and Applications (OPA) office in Via Augusto Imperatore 16 Lecce (Italy).

The primary purposes for this position is to collaborate in implementing and testing a regional climate modeling system in areas selected within the framework of projects or collaborations, with a focus on integrating the ocean and the hydrological modelling components. The knowledge of the finite difference numerical models as NEMO and WRF-Hydro, or the knowledge of unstructured grid models for the ocean (e.g. SHYFEM, FVCOM, SCHISM, FESOM) are desirable expertise.

A gained experience with the use of couplers for the Earth System modeling components will be considered an asset.

This position is for Researcher/Numerical Modeller (i.e., Post Doc or Junior Scientist for research career at CMCC) with strong knowledge of thermo-hydrodynamics processes and numerical modelling, and programming skills.

The desired qualifications are:

  • PhD in physical oceanography, general physics, applied mathematics, hydraulic engineering
  • strong proficiency in implementing and developing hydrology and/or ocean models
  • good knowledge and skills in programming languages (in particular Fortran) and visualization languages (Python and/or NCL, Matlab)
  • knowledge of UNIX/Linux operating systems and bash scripting
  • basic knowledge of parallel programming on HPC architectures
  • fluency in English

Belonging to legally protected categories (ex L. 68/99) will constitute a preferential condition.

The initial appointment is for 24 months starting starting as soon as possible at an annual salary ranging from 28 to 38 kEUR for Post Doc position and from 33 to 45 kEUR for Junior Scientist, comprehensive of benefits, depending on qualification and experience.


Note: If you already applied for this job position using the old CMCC Job Application Manager (JAM), your application is valid and will be taken in consideration. Only if you need to change some information about your application, please apply again to our new system.

Applicants responding to this posting declare that they have read, understood and agreed to the “Official Rule for the CMCC Personnel recruitment” .


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