8845 – Ocean Data Manager (Research Associate)

  • 18/07/2019
  1. Public invitation to express interest for the following CMCC Position

Job opening Code: 8845
Grade: Junior/Senior research associates
CMCC Division: Ocean Predictions and Applications (OPA)
Publication Date: 14th June 2019
Closing Date: 14th July 2019

  1. About CMCC

CMCC is a non-profit research institution with the aim to investigate and model the climate system and its interactions with society and the environment. Its OPA division deals with the development of models and methods for interdisciplinary research on marine operational forecasting, on the development of services and applications for all maritime economy sectors, including transport. OPA contributes to the European service Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service CMEMS (http://marine.copernicus.eu) with operational model forecasting and reanalysis products for both the Mediterranean (http:// .cmcc.it) and the Black Sea (http://bsfs.cmcc.it). Some community models and services developed by OPA are: http://sanifs.cmcc.it, www.visir-model.net, www.sea-conditions.com, www.visir-nav.com, www.ocean-sar.com/, www.witoil.com/

  1. Your role and duties

This position is for one research associate (i.e., technical career at CMCC) expert in ocean data (e.g. model, in situ, remote sensing) management with good programming skills, in order to support both the research and operational activities of the OPA division. You will be engaged in developing/porting/recoding numerical procedures in the frame of Quality Control (Q/C) and data management for the Mediterranean Monitoring and Forecasting Centre of the Copernicus Marine Service (MED-MFC) and for the Black Sea MFC (BS-MFC). You will be asked to assess the quality of the observations used for: data assimilation, model forcing and validation for the MED-MFC and BS-MFC as well as to develop/maintain and improve operational chains components including Q/C of data and products delivery and visualisation.

  1. Your qualification and experience

It is required to hold following qualifications:

  • M.Sc. degree (or equivalent working experience) in Oceanography, Physics, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Engineering or other scientific disciplines (e.g mathematics)
  • good knowledge of programming languages (i.e Python and/or C and/or Fortran)
  • knowledge of UNIX/Linux operating systems and script languages (i.e. *nix shell)
  • experience in managing/manipulating environmental data (e,g, NetCDF, GRIB) and associated tools (NCO, CDO libraries)
  • fluency in English

Furthermore, it is welcome that you have as much as possible of the following experience:

  • knowledge of workflow management platforms
  • knowledge of version control systems (i.e., git)
  • knowledge of Python scientific libraries (numpy, scipy, xarray)
  1. Other information

Belonging to a legally protected category (cf. Italian law 68/1999) will constitute a preferential condition.
The initial appointment is for 12 months, starting as soon as possible.
The location for this job is the CMCC OPA office in viale Viale Berti Pichat, 6/2 40127 Bologna, Italy
The position is under the sponsorship of the projects: Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) Mediterranean Sea Monitoring and Forecasting Centre (MED-MFC) Phase 2 and BS-MFC Phase 2;
The annual salary will be ranged 24-32 kEUR for junior research associates and 32-40 kEUR for senior research associates.

  1. How to apply

Applicants should register to CMCC JAM (Job Application Manager) website and fill the online form following the link below:


Applicants responding to this posting declare that they have read, understood and agreed to the “Official Rule for the CMCC Personnel recruitment” published to the following url: https://www.cmcc.it/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Guidelines_for_recruiting19072016_ENG-1.pdf

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